The Dread and Fear of Kings produce high-quality designer clothes for men.

We are a Mission Tailored Luxury brand. Every decision made while designing our collection has had a singular focus—seamless integration into real-world applications. Where other designer clothes and accessories for men tends to emphasize aesthetics above all, we ensure that form follows function.

Capable. Tested. Willing. Ready to wear. 

Crafted over many iterations, each piece is understated and purposeful, leveraging decades of experience from men who form the tip of the spear, to be worn by men like you.

Our collection is hand-crafted in San Martino, Milan and Manhattan, NY by generational craftsmen, proud to deliver pieces built to a standard usually exclusive to made-to-measure designer clothing.

We know the story of every fiber and item we source. We know the people who take these materials and compose them into the pieces that comprise our collection. That means each piece is strictly limited—ensuring both quality and uniqueness.

The Dread and Fear of Kings is both a nod to the line from Shakespeare’s play, The Merchant of Venice–and a standard we hold ourselves to. The true Dread and Fear of Kings is not the power politicians wield against the population, but rather a capable and thinking population that is not easily misled by opportunists. 

We demand more from ourselves. We demand more of you. 

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